The Virtues of a Virtual Museum

Mark B. McKinley: Curator

Schooled in classical psychology, and specializing in the psychology of the space-time continuum, I initially approached this museum project as a second choice for the display of the collections of talking clocks. However, given the difficulties involved in locating a bricks-and-mortar location for the museum and the limitations of an on premise museum experience, I have undertaken this virtual alternative. And indeed, there are notable advantages per such an approach to displaying the world’s largest collection of clocks that speak, as noted below:

Enhanced educational opportunities: Given the fact of the world-wide-web, a virtual museum allows for an exponential increase in the number of visitors who may be informed and entertained regarding the history and significance of talking clocks.

Non-Linear Experience: In a classical museum presentation, the will of the curator dictates the flow of the visitor’s visit. In a virtual museum, the visitor is free to personally define their own experience, to follow personal interests or the fancy of the moment---flexibility!

The opportunity for a greater level of enjoyment: The depth and breadth of one’s museum–experience is clearly apparent in a virtual museum--a matter of TIME. Given no travel-time, no time spent parking, no time walking through a land-based museum; a visitor can spend more time “in the museum.” Indeed, one may come back time and again, visit after visit after visit.

Free: Surely not to be overlooked, in these “troubled times,” is the matter of money. For a virtual museum there are no costs associated with the cost-of-a-building, furnishings, office, restrooms, heat and water, personnel, etc. Other than start up costs for a Web-Designer and Web-Hosting Service (indebtedness is to be noted for Joe Querin of Unlimited Imagination Studio) Money expenditures are rather minimal; hence a museum’s gift of something that is both worthwhile and FREE, even though we all know there is no such thing as a “free-lunch.” Oh yes, don’t forget to stop at the Gift Shop on you way out

Enjoy the Best of Times, as TIME is the Currency of Life,

© 2009 mckinley/istcc