Curator’s Note: If this is your first visit, I would suggest that you might want to spend a moment-in-time (2’ 12”) to view the power point “Tick Tock TALK” before entering the galleries. It will give you an organized perspective of the various galleries, keeping you from wandering off and getting “lost.” If you are here for just a brief time, I would recommend that you visit the Potpourri Gallery. It is last on the list of Galleries.

Click here for the “Talking Clocks Overview” video
Here you will find some of my collection of over 900 talking clocks. I have had an abiding interest in Horology for an eon, but only became interested in talking clocks about 15 years ago. The International Society of Talking Clock Collectors (ISTCC) was initiated to provide a forum for those interested in not only talking clocks, but matters of TIME in general.
The ISTCC Virtual Museum showcases talking clocks from the early 70's through the present in an amazing variety of styles. There is a multi page photo gallery that includes the voice on many clocks just so you can hear the ‘talking” part of talking clocks. Some are pretty cute, some clever, some irritating, and some are rather humorous.
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