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MEMBERS of the ISTCC include hobbyists, memorabilia collectors, casual collectors, the sight impaired and those persons who have an interest in knowing more about matters of time. The one common bond (and main membership requirement) is a fascination with the art and science of timekeeping by clocks that talk.

Upon receipt of said, ISTCC will e-mail back to you an application to join ISTCC. After receiving the Official Application Form, complete the information requested and mail it to the ISTCC Home Office---the address is on the form. The fee for a Charter Member is $2.00 USD (a $2 dollar bill, 2 one dollar bills, Pay Pal or Money Order). Annual dues are $15 USD. All monies go to maintain the ISTCC Web-site. If you prefer, pay $17 up-front and ISTCC will include a taking clock as a thank you gift! Of special note: A Life-time Membership is available for $5,000.00 USD. For more information click on "Constitution/ByLaws."

MEMBER benefits include sharing with kindred spirits one's interest in horology and talking clocks. In addition, members will receive an Official Membership Card and the inaugural issue of Chronometrics. Chronometrics is the ISTCC's periodic publication of interesting, curious, and useful information on matters of TALKING CLOCKS AND TIME.

In additon, as a member you will never be required to be a party to a fund-raiser involving car washes, cupcake sales, nor make a committment to go anywhere or attend anything, as all the ISTCC's activities will be in the virtual world of the Internet.

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